I'm Jamie Sue Austin
I make things.

Specializing in graphic design, business writing, social media marketing, and informational websites.

Graphic Design 

The following are marketing materials created for American Legal Publishing Corporation.
The images are a combination of licensed stock photos and photos I took on-site at their corporate office.

These materials are owed by American Legal Publishing Corporation. 
I am currently employed by this company to assist with their digital marketing efforts.
It is a great company. I have been impressed with their professionalism. 
My personal style is different from their brand, but it's a pleasure to design for them.

American Legal Ordinance Codification Brochure - 2022
American Legal Codification Brochure - Back 2022
American Legal Large Cities Codification Brochure - 2022 - Front
American Legal Publishing Small Town Codification Brochure - 2022 - Back
American Legal Small Town Codification Flyer - 2022 - Front
American Legal Small Town Codification Brochure - 2022 - Back

American Legal Publishing Corporation advertisement published in the July, 2022 issue of South Dakota Municipalities.

Ginger Discordia Adamsale Organic Life

Adamsale Organic Life Parody MLM brochure.
This sample illustrates my ability to combine images and text to convey a message. 
My message is "Stay away from MLMs".

I can write, illustrate, and combine elements to convey Your Message, too.

 *Photos are stock. Low quality Facebook ad was for my own entertainment.

Ginger Discordia Adamsale Organic Life
Ginger Discordia MLM Parody Brochure
Ginger Discordia Adamsale Organic Life MLM Parody

This slide-show ad and accompanying flyer were designed for a traveling dispensary chef.
The client requested something "simple, fun, upbeat, and light-hearted" that could be shared across social media. The client also requested a matching static graphic.

I have redacted the client's contact information, but retained the format and font of the original.

 *Photos/images are stock. 

Vegan pastries ad

Professional Writing

Business/Industry Overview section of a product business plan.
I have redacted the company name.

This is the industry and market overview section of New Capital Enterprise business plan written for submission to UCSIS. The NEC name and other identifying information has been redacted.

Yellow Vest Actions protest group press release.
The hashtags in the title were part of a larger, coordinated organization and SEO ranking effort. 

This is a press release produced for NPP in response to the events of January, 6, 2021.

Informational Websites

You're on one right now. 
How do you like it?
Try a different one...

Yellow Vest Actions

Activism website and social media platform. Graphics, web design, and the majority of written content (including Google Business listing and Press Release) produced by me. Social media headers, memes, and posts created by me. Merch by me. Core of the logo image provided by Yellow Vests.

National Progressive Party

National Progressive Party

This was a fundraising website for the NPP, a new progressive political party. The graphics, web design, and written content were produced by me.  I did not contribute to their social media. 

*reviewed 7/23/2022 - the site was not active. Request sample.


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