I'm Jamie Sue Austin
I make things.

Specializing in business writing, presentations, brochures, social media graphics, and informational websites.

Informational Websites

You're on one right now. 
How do you like it?
Try a different one...

Graphic Design 

Adamsale Organic Life Parody MLM brochure
I created the design. The written content is mine. The photos are stock. 
The Facebook ad is a joke I made for myself. 

Ginger Discordia Adamsale Organic Life
Ginger Discordia Adamsale Organic Life MLM Parody
Ginger Discordia MLM Parody Brochure

Professional Writing

Business/Industry Overview section of a product business plan.
I have redacted the company name.

Yellow Vest Actions protest group press release.
The hashtags in the title were part of a larger, coordinated organization and SEO ranking effort. 

This is the industry and market overview section of New Capital Enterprise business plan written for submission to UCSIS. The NEC name and other identifying information has been redacted.

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